Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Culture Based on Oral Tradition

"Last night the collective we got terrifically drunk and I ended up doing shots off of Kayla’s stomach. I should note, for the record, how firm her abs are. I took the opportunity of having her lying shirtless on the table to rest my cheek on her stomach, and there was absolutely no give at all. Rock hard.
"Rumor has it this chick has some kind of impossible workout schedule. She’s at the gym twice a day Mon – Thurs, then takes it “easy” on Fri – Sat with just one session per day. I’ve seen her lifting in the early mornings when I’m there. She ties her hair back when she works out, and I actually prefer it that way. Kayla’s over with the bars and free weights or doing chin-ups, I just lurk by the cardio equipment, winded. Maybe now I’ll go up to her. The strength imparted by having had my mouth so close to her belly button (even perfect people have them)."

The new OC Press website is now live, and my and Amanda’s contribution can be found there: THE NOVELLA DROPS DECEMBER 1.

There’s also a video of me reading a portion of Five Days re: anal sex in the woods. It was filmed in such a way that David Bowie and I take up approximately the same amount of space on the screen. This is my first non-stationary appearance on the interwebs, and should be treasured for what it’s worth.

Issue Ten of the Safety Pin Review is now being worn around Chicago and its suburbs by Tara Balcerzak. There are Action Shots up alongside the story right now.

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