Monday, April 16, 2012

"Smear Yourself on the Webcam"

Now, let’s see, what can I tell you? We will move chronologically forward from the last time I wrote. A few things I may have forgotten. Let’s see:

1. I did my first reading in Indianapolis, which went great and made me hanker for more. Big thanks to Chad Redden for making it all happen (NAP NAP NAP nyan nyan nyan), and to my fellow readers.

2. Several weeks ago I received two books in the mail that I had a hand in (more like two or three fingers) bringing to fruition: The Story of A People: An Anthology of Palestinian Poets Within the Green-Lines, and Ibrahim Malik: The Man and His Selected Works. You probably don’t want to buy them, since it’s academic-press stuff and runs pretty high, but, look, there’s my name right there on the cover.

3. Duotrope posted an interview with me on their listing for the Safety Pin Review, where we’re currently in the rankings for both the top 25 “Swiftest” and “Most Personable” markets.

4. And then, last week, perhaps most amazing of all, the Safety Pin Review got a write-up in the Los Angeles Times, which has resulted in a glut of new submissions, friends, followers, retweets, and website traffic. This is huge. It feels like we’ve made it. I get the sense that this is a very formative moment for the SPR, so you should check this article out at your earliest convenience to say you knew ‘em when.