Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Culture Based on Oral Tradition

"Last night the collective we got terrifically drunk and I ended up doing shots off of Kayla’s stomach. I should note, for the record, how firm her abs are. I took the opportunity of having her lying shirtless on the table to rest my cheek on her stomach, and there was absolutely no give at all. Rock hard.
"Rumor has it this chick has some kind of impossible workout schedule. She’s at the gym twice a day Mon – Thurs, then takes it “easy” on Fri – Sat with just one session per day. I’ve seen her lifting in the early mornings when I’m there. She ties her hair back when she works out, and I actually prefer it that way. Kayla’s over with the bars and free weights or doing chin-ups, I just lurk by the cardio equipment, winded. Maybe now I’ll go up to her. The strength imparted by having had my mouth so close to her belly button (even perfect people have them)."

The new OC Press website is now live, and my and Amanda’s contribution can be found there: THE NOVELLA DROPS DECEMBER 1.

There’s also a video of me reading a portion of Five Days re: anal sex in the woods. It was filmed in such a way that David Bowie and I take up approximately the same amount of space on the screen. This is my first non-stationary appearance on the interwebs, and should be treasured for what it’s worth.

Issue Ten of the Safety Pin Review is now being worn around Chicago and its suburbs by Tara Balcerzak. There are Action Shots up alongside the story right now.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Young Buck in Autumn

Last night, I had a shapeless dream in which people I’m friends with on Facebook but have never met before appeared as first and last names in blue bold on a white background, accompanied by thumbnail photos. In the dream, when I pictured their names or spoke to them, the thought was always preceded by an @ symbol.
I also dreamt a few nights ago that a group of kids from my school were intent on murdering another student. They marched—with comical slowness—down the hallway, three of them brandishing kitchen knives. I was in front of them, backing up and waving my hands and trying to make them stop, shouting things like, “This is fucked UP!” and “What the FUCK, guys?!” When they kicked open the door to her room, their target was there, holding a ukelele, apparently ambivalent to her fate. They advanced into the room, and I ran away, screaming again, “This is fucked UP!”
            After that, I went to a restaurant where everyone was barefoot. I thought that was disgusting and I left. I told myself I would drop out of school if they killed that girl.
            In the dreamworld, I don’t know if they did.

I have two Twitter-length fictions up at trapeze magazine. For hyperlink purposes I’ve titled them “God-Given Ass” and “Right As (Acid) Rain.”

Thursday, November 10, 2011


An oozing plastic parfait cup overturned on the ground

her name, something symbolic, like Justice or Hope

a wearer of enormous, dangly earrings, a sweet voice that seems to hinge perpetually on tears

lipstick-smeared pink on the plastic lid of her coffee cup

kneeling on the burgundy carpet, mopping up the glob of spilt yogurt.

her body scrubbing beneath the row of desks in front of me

(floral-print dress, pronounced makeup, furry boots)

The smell of soured milk wafted up in my direction, mingling with the coffee.

It felt obscene.

My first short piece of erotic fiction, "The Roommate & the Punk Rocker," has been published on Clean Sheets. It's a touchstone piece, in many ways. I wrote this one in a feverish state over the summer. As these things go.

The Safety Pin Review has some photos up by our first operative at Occupy Wall Street. Bitchin'.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Found Fiction

“Psychology of Women Assignment”

When thinking about which gender norm to violate, I found it hard to think of a simple one that I do not already violate.

…For one day, I wore a short skirt and a pair of opaque tights and sat with my legs spread apart. In class, my feet were on the floor,

[I was wearing heels, and one of my male friends was sitting across from me.]

and elsewhere (Saga, Jazzman’s, Rose Creek Coffee Co-op)

[I reached out my leg and pressed my heel into his crotch. I felt it sink into his softness. His mouth twitched.]

I put my feet on other furniture on occasion. Especially while in class, I was physically quite uncomfortable. It hurt my back and hips to sit so spread out. …

[Sex has always been painful for me. I feel like I am opening up for the world.

Since only the campus community was witnessing me violate this norm, and in general is quite used to gender norm violation, I was not nervous in the way I would have been if I had gone


into Strichmont to collect my data.

[I have been subjected to the hands of several aggressive men.]

For the most part, people didn’t say much of anything to me. … I didn’t receive any treatment different from that given to the men around me who were sitting the same way.

[When he said “Hey,” I dug my heel deeper in, harder until it broke off and he cried.]

It seemed as if people weren’t thinking, “That’s not very ladylike!” but were actually thinking, “That’s not very polite!” When I was

[eating out]

in Jazzman’s, no one said anything to me—no one even looked at me.

[Once, my legs were spread open and I felt compelled to hook my fingers under the left leg of my tights and slide it down my leg, all the way to my ankle.]

… Most people looked longer and more frequently at my lap when talking to me. That reaction was the one that made me most uncomfortable, since I am not at all used to people not looking at my face while we talk. One of my friends exclaimed, “Sammy! Close your legs!”

[I replied by opening them further and then slamming them closed so my thighs were like a gnashing monster.]

and another asked me in all seriousness, “Do you have a groin injury?”

[I said, “Nom nom, it’s going to eat you.” She looked away.]

I will be recording a video this weekend of myself reading a sexy section of Five Days to post on the Oysters and Chocolate website nearer the publication date (December 1). Hopefully Amanda will do one as well. Stay tuned. It will be terrific.

Issue Seven of the Safety Pin Review is now live, alongside some action shots. Please note that author Doug Paul Case in no way advocates sexual violence.