Monday, August 27, 2012


1. This video. (courtesy of David James Keaton)

2. Mel Bosworth’s chapbook “Every Laundromat in the World.” You should get this poetry. I like how the lines come up and swallow each other.

3. Joshua Young. I’ve been re-reading his To the Chapel of Light. It is so gritty.

4. Etgar Keret.

5. Gilmore Girls (lots).

6. This poem by David Greenspan in New Dead Families. It reminds me of Haruki Murakami and makes me want to be buried in the ground.

7. This poem by Russ Woods in jmww, because it makes me hungry and that font.

8. The fact that at this school there are multiple people referred to as “Tits McGee.” There was also once a “Fisty McGee,” but I think she might have graduated.


Please go see the Safety Pin Review's 35th issue. It has Steve Roggenbuck. 

There's less than a week left to pre-order the new issue of PANK, in which I have a story. Don't you want to be there when it happens?

Thursday, August 9, 2012


Less than two weeks until I'll be back in school.

God help me.

I had a new story in Metazen last week. Frank Hinton did an excellent job choosing that picture up top.

I think that's everything new.

I was thinking about getting rid of this blog but then I realized that it provides me with interesting insights such as the fact that the most hits it's ever got (by a factor of 4) is from the bisexual punkrock-esque erotica I got published on Clean Sheets last November. So I guess we know what people are reading.

Doing more writing than I thought, because time is running out. That chapbook didn't happen, but a few stories did, so.

Setting my sights pretty high with my submissions lately, which means longer waiting times and times.