Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Young Buck in Autumn

Last night, I had a shapeless dream in which people I’m friends with on Facebook but have never met before appeared as first and last names in blue bold on a white background, accompanied by thumbnail photos. In the dream, when I pictured their names or spoke to them, the thought was always preceded by an @ symbol.
I also dreamt a few nights ago that a group of kids from my school were intent on murdering another student. They marched—with comical slowness—down the hallway, three of them brandishing kitchen knives. I was in front of them, backing up and waving my hands and trying to make them stop, shouting things like, “This is fucked UP!” and “What the FUCK, guys?!” When they kicked open the door to her room, their target was there, holding a ukelele, apparently ambivalent to her fate. They advanced into the room, and I ran away, screaming again, “This is fucked UP!”
            After that, I went to a restaurant where everyone was barefoot. I thought that was disgusting and I left. I told myself I would drop out of school if they killed that girl.
            In the dreamworld, I don’t know if they did.

I have two Twitter-length fictions up at trapeze magazine. For hyperlink purposes I’ve titled them “God-Given Ass” and “Right As (Acid) Rain.”

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