Thursday, December 1, 2011

No RSVP Required

Dear Zero Followers,

Please consider buying my and Amanda's erotic novella Five Days. You can get it for the price of two iTunes songs. Or perhaps a medium-sized coffee of a reputable brand. Either way, it's worth it. Totally. Every cent. Sex. Lots of it. More than in a medium-sized cup of coffee, and most iTunes songs.

At my school, you can buy a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for $1.59. Drop that for a day, add $0.40, and you could buy the novella. Really. A little cup of fucking hummus at this place costs more here than the novella.

If you want something free, you could always read my piece at Clean Sheets, which might put you in the mood to give up a small amount (~20 minutes at minimum wage) of your hard-earned for something more substantial.

Just click on the picture to the right. It'll be fun. I Promise. Promise.

(Amanda also)

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