Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bringing Everyone and Everything Together Forever and Ever

What follows is a transcription of a texting conversation I had approximately one year ago:

Simon: You may be pleased to learn that I’ve just worked through a particularly difficult part of my novel. Sorry. Needed to tell someone.
Amanda: Haha, good job. I worked on the novella in class instead of actually paying attention.
Simon: Erotica tends to be a good distractor.
Amanda: Yeah, but I look up at doug bennett every once in a while and fantasy turns into twisted nightmare.
Simon: At which point mutant sex demons invade Sam and Alicia’s happy narrative.
Amanda: Haha, that was before I saw doug. Now something much worse has been uneashed.
Simon: The kraken, perhaps?
Amanda: Haha, you know me too well. Couldn’t pass up adding the nautical theme.
Amanda (12 minutes later): And one day you’ll tell me what your current novel is about. You were cryptic.
Simon: One day soon, yes. PS – mariners are salty.
Amanda: Comes with the territory. Salt in every crevice.

The novel referenced in the above conversation has since been completed and abandoned. The erotica was unleashed last week by OC Press in the form of Five Days.

And speaking of coming full circle, I have a piece up at wonderful Specter Magazine, "The Absolute Latest in Alternative Fashion," which includes a part of virtually everything I’ve written and done over the past three years, erotica & punk & the Safety Pin Review & everything. So no biggie. It has a lot of pretty things in it.

I have not yet written the salacious mariner story implied by the above conversation. Although krakens have many tentacles. Stay tuned.

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