Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Running At Top Speed As Fast As My Little Heart Can Take

So here's a little piece of awesome: Sherman Alexie gave a superfucking cool shout-out to the Safety Pin Review on his website earlier today. "So funny, so terrestrial and so Internetty at the same time,"says he.

Sherman Alexie was an author I first read in an English textbook my senior year in high school (otherwise a miserable time), and whose style has considerably influenced my writing over the years (I've fed off of the considerable energy stores of Flight numerous times), so his words of encouragement are something like a dream come true for me. There's more (along with some fresh action shots of Issue Six, featuring the inimitable David James Keaton) over at the Safety Pin Review site.

I also had a piece accepted at Specter Magazine, so I believe props to mensah demary are in order.

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