Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Rape Culture and the Assignation of Blame, or: Throwing Everything Out the Window

Old people tend to like me more than young ones. Sometimes I think in part it's because of my hair. Because when they see me they think, "he might (a) vandalize my property, (b) engage in wanton violence to my person, (c) laugh in spite at my advanced age, or (d) mock one of my systematically ingrained habits," but instead I like ask about their grandchildren and whether they like the food at the old folks' home and if they ever used Aquanet like in the 70's to do their hair. Maybe that's why I've decided to become a nurse.

In linky news, Issue Five of the Safety Pin Review (which I edit and am currently wearing), starring Brian Hurley is now live over at the SPR site (which you should visit with regularity verging on obsessiveness).

Brandi Wells posted a picture of my cat on her blog, as well as some fictional words over at the Brandi Wells Review. You should buy her book, Please don't be upset, because it's phenomenal.

I have a new piece up (as of about two weeks ago) at Defenestration. It's billed as "fake non-fiction," but I swear that at least 98% of it is true.

Finished the first round of edits on the novella, a minor victory.

I gave up my Tumblr site for this. You can see my valedictory post.

(The first title of this post I stole from a girl in my dorm who was writing a paper about The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Credit her, Rachael.)

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