Sunday, October 23, 2011

Arterial Spray

This is lit critic Mygüel’s solution to my thinning hair. Ingenious.

In literary news, my first legitimate published short story, “An Open Invitation to That Part of the Heart,” is up at Quick Lucks, so you should read it straightaway and let me know what you think.

A few months ago I had my shortest piece ever (11 words) accepted by PicFic, and then never heard from them again. Trawling through the interwebs this morning, I found their site and perused the archives, only to find that my story had come and gone about a month ago without my being informed, complete with a non-functioning link to my old blog. Lovely. In any case, you can read it smushed in the PicFic backlogs.

There is also a new, somewhat apologetic post up on the Safety Pin Review site, featuring Issue Five Action Photos and some words.

And J. Bradley (who contributed the second issue of the Safety Pin Review) took a sex/dating advice question I sent him and turned it into a piece of flash fiction for his brilliant weekly column at Specter Magazine “I Am Trying to Break Your Sex Laws.”

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