Saturday, July 7, 2012


I like that you can knock the ghostface killer over. I like that he responds to questiona and runs around and hides in bushes. I like that you can see him running., that he doesn’t just appear places but has to run there. and his run is not very glamorous. he always seems to be running to try and avoid detection, which is just kind of funny to see. that he is so thwarted by locked doors. it’s a very human problem. that he makes human sounds when you hit him or when he gets hit with something. of course, he is human, we know that, but it’s comforting to see in a genre of movies where, physically, killers are often so inhuman and monumental.

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this face is in your story
So there a couple of exciting happenings lately that I’ve neglected to mention here. First and biggest, I have a story called “The Theatre of the Floating World” in the latest print issue of PANK, which can now be pre-ordered and drops September 1. You can read it online at PANK’s site, too. It’s about kabuki, among other things. It’s my longest story so far and probably the best. But really, you should get the thing in print because it looks BEAUTIFUL.

Next next, some geniuses at My Audio Universe have turned my short “The Spirits of Imaginary Animals”—published in Bluestem back in March—into a professional audio recoding, replete with music and stuff. It’s pretty awesome, give it a listen (and compare it with my own reading on the Bluestem website, if you’re into disparities).

I also put "A LOVE POEM FOR 2 PLAYERS" on Let People Poems, if you are into poems and letters and hugging.

Hey people, tell me if you're out there.


  1. hard to comment anonymously. saw the article on thought catalog. inevitably intrigued. cool stuff.

    1. Oh wow cool, thank you! No one ever comments here, so thanks for letting me know that I'm not writing into the void! So glad to have you as a reader, alley!