Sunday, July 29, 2012


hello dren

Since I last wrote to you, I’ve returned from Israel, undergone a remarkable negative change in hairstyle and gotten a few things published/accepted. Let’s go over them real quick. I won’t keep you long here. First there was a nonfiction thingy on Thought Catalog called “Where to Put Your Next Tattoo.” That decision has since been made.

Next, Word Riot put up my hybrid poems, complete with illustrations. I think you’ll like them.

Then PANK published a review that I wrote of David James Keaton’s novella Zee Bee & Bee on their blog (you may have read the original review here on the blog; it’s since been revisioned).

This summer has been extremely productive for writing and of course makes me dread returning to school all the more. Yesterday, I finished a 6,000 word story, the longest and most enjoyable thing I’ve written in a year. I think I have decided in the last minute or so that I probably have to write a chapbook before I go back or I’ll probably die. God that place. I can’t stop.

I’ve been writing more poetry lately, too, which feels strange, and this feeling is justified because no one has wanted any of them yet. I have high hopes though. I think I do.

This has been a particularly rife rejection season because I’ve been submitting so much (two more since I composed this post/posted it), but a few days ago Fractured West said yes and I was pretty over the moon because I love Kirsty Logan and the work that she puts out.

I am also laying plans to write a novella, which should be crazy and might actually never happen because I am sort of afraid of it.

The Safety Pin Review hit its thirty-second issue this week, starring David Greenspan, who is a king.


  1. Simon, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your hybrid poems and the non-fiction as well...think of you often --Meg

  2. :D I'm glad you liked them! ...and likewise!