Saturday, February 25, 2012

We Are Trying to Fix Ourselves

In the week and a half since I last wrote, my good place was thwarted (as per norm) and I turned twenty-one. As of right now, as of this moment, I am wondering how vigorously one would have to scrub one’s face to make all of his recognizable features disappear. But I am actually sitting in the campus coffee shop instead and writing this blog post. Huh. INTERESTING.

OC Press is trying to hype themselves and their authors, right now by giving away free PDF copies of Five Days to basically anyone who visits their website. All you have to do is click the pop-up and put in your email address, and then boom, erotic novella, yours. At the absolute best price. Huh. INTERESTING MARKETING. Take one, I guess? While you can.

It looks like I’ll have a small piece in the online spring edition of Bluestem Magazine, so, super-psyched about that.

I recently had a break from school during which I recorded the audio for two of my upcoming stories, and it was really cool to do. My personal vow is to go and do some kind of reading at AWP next year, or just do a reading somewhere period. I’m getting there.

On Monday I angst-ordered a bunch of books, including Tiny Hardcore's Shut Up/Look Pretty and The Fullness of Everything, Ayiti, and Steve Roggenbuck's Crunk Juice. Cheers.

Issue Twenty-Two of the Safety Pin Review.

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