Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Flea Circus

Exciting news in the land of editorial! It’s official: I am now the Flash Fiction Editor of Flywheel Magazine. This is such an exciting honor, I can’t tell you. Not only because of the incredible quality of work they’ve published in just two issues, or that someone other than myself believes in my editorial skillz (spelled with a ‘z’ or not at all), but because it’s run by David James Keaton, whose writing mania I’ve been infected with ever since he sent in what turned out to be the Safety Pin Review’s sixth issue back in September.

David was one of the very first hands on deck with the SPR, and following him around has introduced me to dark corners of alternative lit that I’d previously been totally ignorant of. Plus, he’s seen basically every movie on the planet, which, I mean, come on. How can you not want a bossman with those creds? In any case, see me on the staff page, doing my best cthulhu impression.

Also, it was reported by David James Keaton last night that the Flywheel Twitter feed has gained sentience and is rampaging around the interwebs. See if you can help tether this beast by adding yourself as a follower. Bring yer harnesses.

In other news, J. Bradley makes his second contribution to the Safety Pin Review in its twenty-first issue, currently double-teaming around New York on the backs of Jack Cazir and @NoSexCity. Go look now at the Action Shots from last week’s issue, just to see some evidence of a solitarily awe-inspiring Valentine’s Day.

Speaking of which, Jack Cazir has crafted another great (and strangely optimistic) Thought Catalog piece, “104 Ways to Break the Ice,” to which I contributed two lines. You might be able to pick out which ones are mine, but only if you know me in person (or are just really perceptive). Yes. You.

I am in a pretty good place right now.

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