Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Warm Hello from the Man Who Never Talks At All


I have some big news. I'm one of the new Interviews Editors for PANK Magazine! WAOW! Which means I'll be one of the guys from now on asking the good writers in PANK all the tough questions. There are already a couple of interviews up that I've done, such as one where I talk about weird creatures and burnouts with Cameron Witbeck and one in which I pretend to know about science with Benjamin Landry. So many more in the works for this week and the next and many weeks to come.

The new issue of NANO Fiction is recently up for preorder (available in November!) and I have a story in it that has girls, guns, tattoos, sand and future (in)tense. Everything you need, really, all in less than 300 words. What a deal! You should order one for yourself! YES CHAMP YOU SHOULD.

Also, David Greenspan continues to be awesome over on his blog, where he says some really awesome things about the SPR and about, well, me. Heheh. He has things to tell you. He has a new chapbook out from Turtleneck called THEN and I got it in the mail this week and it has an isbn number and everything. I read a poem from it over the radio with some Cricketbows and it all turned out pretty great because there were birds and just a little self-harm.

Speaking of which.

Also, if you click the "continues to be awesome" link and read what it entails, you'll see that I finished putting together a small collection called "Partners." Yup. So that's going around. Keep your fingers crossed with me!

Other than that I'm basically writing my thesis and looking forward to the end of school FOREVER. Anticipate with me!


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