Saturday, June 9, 2012


Because it’s summer and I have too many things to do, I’ve gone back to my obsessive movie-watching habits. So pardon any future submergences.

I have several new things writing-wise and life-wise out and about, but for brevity’s sake (always for brevity’s sake), we’ll restrict this post to the writing ones:

1. I have seven dedications in the June issue of decomP magazine. You can listen to them too, which seems more personal or like I’m talking to you or whatever.

2. The eighth installment of Red Lightbulbs holds a story of mine, “Things That Gary Says,” which I think is pretty creepy. Maybe you will too. Mebbe.

3. Mike Meginnis has an utterly brilliant project going on in collaboration with Artifice Magazine, a literary text adventure of sorts called Exits Are, and my game, “Journey to Makeout Point,” just went up this week. You’ll like it if you’re like me.

4. Finally, I had a small piece about ghosts and me andghosts and me in mensah demary’s little side project, The Narcissist Magazine.

5. Since I last wrote, the Safety Pin Review has gone to Turkey and back. Our latest issue—the twenty-seventh—is making rounds in Dubuque, Iowa.

I guess I do it for the Facebook likes and a vague sense of community.

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