Sunday, January 29, 2012

Meanwhile: Our Friends Must Choose Who They Will Favor, Who They Will Lose

This week has been an emotional whipsaw. First, last Sunday, came an acceptance from PANK, a personal benchmark since forever. I am so, so excited about this. So much so, I even told Facebook. Where there are people who actually know me in real life. I don’t know about you, but to me this feels a little like the bigtime.

Then, in stark opposition, on Friday, after caterwauling through the working week, I found myself in the midst of some unexpected and severe emotional fallout that I don’t care to comment on here.

My head approximated great, orchestral swells, approximately these. I cried and hit inanimate things. Bad off.

I’ve overbooked myself this semester, but so be it.

Monkeybicycle published my one-sentence story “The Death of Grunge” last week. I wrote this one during the heat, in a car ride to the Jersey shore. I just sat with my sweaty notebook in the backseat, trying to make these thirty-odd words come.

At the Safety Pin Review, David Sklar wore Berit Ellingsen’s story to a sci-fi convention and then wrote about it in “Your Message Here: SPR at an SF Con.” And mensah demary’s “Depression’s Saturday” marks the SPR’s eighteenth issue.

I have my weekly radio show back at the college station, where I read SPR stories and play music. You should listen. More details here.

In the erotic world, this coming week I’m guest-blogging at a bunch of erotica-themed sites to boost Five Days. I’ve tried to do this in at least a semi-interesting way, and have written a couple new fictions and personal bits for the occasion. Should be exciting.

Here’s the schedule for where I’ll be found:

Monday, January 30: Erotic Flashes.
Tuesday, January 31: 4-Letter Words.
Wednesday, February 1: Getting Naughty Between the Stacks.
Thursday, February 2: Erotica For All.
Friday, February 3: the Write Café.

I’ll post links as they go live throughout the week. A blast.

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