Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fashion Disasters

The latest issue of the Safety Pin Review is up—Issue Sixteen, by Berit Ellingsen—and intermingled along with its first batch of Action Shots is an essay which is basically me finally coming to terms with how the SPR is supposed to work.

If you’ve been following the development of this project with any kind of interest, then it is probably of some importance that you head over to the Safety Pin Review site to read the ruminations posted there. It seems as if I’m finally catching up with what some other people have thought about the Review since the beginning. It’s okay, I’m always two or three steps behind. (Additional responses from Berit Ellingsen, David Sklar, my mother and myself can be found in the comments section.)

Coincidentally, based on current circumstances, it looks like I’ll be donning a story myself next week for the first time in a few months. Like many SPR stories, this next one is in first person, its content deeply personal and traumatized. Now, I think I’ll know how to wear it.

Solemnity coming up.

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